Thursday, 9 February 2012

unacceptable reason

u used ur mum as ur excuse to avoid me & meet her? alalah. if u just need a short time to take some thing from her,y it's hard for u to meet me after that? ohh i know. i would apparently wasting ur time isn't it? ur time is too expensive for me. but when u asked me to do anything u wished for,thre is no doubt for u to use ur time for it. please don't treat me like a chick. i might be okay infront of u but it is not deeply in my heart. hve u ever think about how i feel ? im still wondering y u need me. just to prepare anything u want ? haishh.i also thinking how would anything tht u told me be the truth. it's like too fantasy.haha. but i always ignore how i feel believing u. hve u ever realise that ?!!!

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