Sunday, 12 February 2012

uncle john :))

hay u thre in heaven:)i know u could see evry of our moves hre frm thre. u must hd know wht've me & ur son had did. thre re too much sins we've done.u must be hate me don't u? for ruining ur son's life.i hope u blessed ur son always. i want to apologized for evrything we've done.i nver forget about the rest of ur families when we did it. but i kept let us falling to it again & again although we've confessed our sins with Father.i've stored thse guilty feeling deep in my heartall this time. im really hoping ure not gnna mad at very sorry tht im not fierce enough to reject him. sorry sorry sorry & sorry! hope u bless ben always:)i hope u can give me the answer in my dream & advise ur son.please come in our dream kay? i'll always pray for u up thre. tQ for protecting us all ths time:)

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