Sunday, 12 February 2012

im not afraid!

hey,what's up with the mission tht u up to? protecting me? the reason u gave me? i told u so i don't care if i die now if u want to know. okay,u insisted to protect her so y don't u just go for it?! go to protect her for the rest of ur life! she's the innocent & i understood im not. y would u want to protect me? my safe is most important & u asking me to remember u when u die? hey hey hey. ure selfish enough. u thought u gnna be my hero by doing it? no no no. ure just a total coward. i don't care how dangerous is the criminal man tht ure catching now.stupid.i know those in ppd must be laughing seeing me writing thse. but i don't care. ure too stupid but u don't know it.& now u want to protect ur innocent gf that is his niece. hey,y don't u just let him killed his own niece? man like him would regret? haha.just let her meet her father in the heaven if that case.shiit.

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