Sunday, 12 February 2012

evil me

i realize i've been more evil now.i shouldn't said tht. but i just hated when it happened to me so sudden. hey grl,i hope u know wht's ur uncle up to. if anything ever happen to ben. i'll find u for explanation.& sowre about how i talk about ur father. he's a good man & i shouln't say tht. hey uncle in the heaven near to God now,i know u can hear me.forgive my rudeness but i hope u understand how i felt.i know i shouldn't say so but please bless ben,he's innocent tht hve to work over crime in his young ages.tht's all wht i hope frm u.u can curse me frm up thre but all i wanted is a solution. i hope evrything end so soon.i can't hold it now already.

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