Sunday, 5 February 2012

hey boy :)

ure the sunshine in my heart. u've brought big changes in my life. no other guy had through evrything like we did. it would be hard to find someone like u. if i did,it won't be the same. y? b'cause he hasn't hve the sweetest memories like we've.if u walk away,it would rain eveyday in my heart. i won't believe tht it would happen to me.just like having trauma for my whole life.evrytime some other guy try to tackle me,the first thing tht comes in mind is about u,concerned tht u'll pissed off. althought u treated evry girl in the same way like u did tome(mayb just some of it re different), but i kept reminded myself thre won't be another one tht more special than me.but sometimes im puzzling,re u make fun of me? but i tried to think positively. i should be grateful for evrything tht God had gave to me. great family,good friends & pals,& him :) but if thre would be some changes in the future. i had prepared myself for it. b'cause it's all up to us to through evrything for the future.if we failed,then we had to receive the fact tht we 're not for each other. but mostly im counting on u boy :) please don't let me down,i've gave u too much hope than i've ever realize. i believe u more than anyone else. if u choose to leave me, the big injury in heart would nver cure. i can find another one, but i can't throw our memories tht easily.they couln't ever replace u. evrything would come back to me no matter how hard i refuse.

i love you deeply in heart which no one could ever dig it out. *muah*

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