Thursday, 15 March 2012

i ♥ u

i just know that i can't ever let u go. never once i try to think about it. ure just too loveable to be left :D please don't lie me for my sake. wht i ever wanted frm u all this time is ur honesty. it's okay if it hurt me,atleast i know u never let me down. im sorry for this time i've being too sensitive,again,till it hurt you. haiish,as a PISCES,i've being too troubling by going suspiciously wit u. haha. hope u forgive me for tht. please never let me go? b'cos all i wanted is to live wit u for the rest of my life. together we build our future generation. like u always wanted. BENJAMIN ISSAC SUNAM,here,i,CELESTY CHIN KHER SING, gave u my words tht i'll be urs 4ever. :) i ♥ u so much for the rest of my life !!!

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